Memorial & Tribute Gift Program

In an effort to close out this Memorial and Tribute program, and give everyone a final opportunity to participate, we have calculated the final needs for each area in dollar amounts. This is what is needed to completely furnish the spaces. Your monetary gift can be given, in any amount, to the general fund or be designated to a certain area.

Worship Center Renovation: $40,000
EDGE 4th & 5th Grade Area: $5,000
Tom Graves Hall: $8,000
Preschool Area: $5,000
Sanctuary: $35,000
Music Suite: $20,000
Bride's Room: $12,000
Media Suite: $18,000

Please note that gifts will be graciously accepted at any time. However, to allow for production tme, we must have your commitment by March 11, 2013 for your gift to appear in the Memorial/Tribute books or plaques.

All our gifts in this campaign are made first and foremost to honor and glorify God. These donations can also formally memorialize or honor, in a special and meaningful way, those whom the contributor chooses to recognize. Undesignated and anonymous gifts are also welcome. Funds contributed under this program will be in addition to the building fund pledges already in place.

--Contributions of gifts up to and including $1000 in value will be acknowledged in a bound “Memorial/ Tribute Book” placed in a prominent place in the Lobby area. Listed will be the name of the contributor, the item donated and the individual(s) who is being honored or memorialized.

--Contributions of gifts greater than $1000 in value will be recognized on a “Memorial/ Tribute plaque” which will be placed in a prominent place in the Lobby. Each contribution will be recorded on an individual brass plaque and the individual plaques will be attached to a larger Memorial plaque. Listed for each contribution will be the name of the contributor, the item donated and the individual(s) who is being honored or memorialized.

--Dollar amounts of donations will not appear in the book or on the plaques.

--Four forms of Memorials/Tributes may be made: “In Memory of”, “In Honor of”, “Presented by” or “Anonymous”.

-Acknowledgment cards will be sent to those you honor with a Tribute gift. Please provide name and address on your commitment form.

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Monetary Memorial/Tribute

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Karen Lubbe at or stop by the "From the Heart" table before or after worship and visit with the Furnishings Commitee.

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