Dear Grace Avenue Family and Friends,

Charles Schulz has managed to amuse and bridge generations with his characters, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Pig Pen, and company. With their own special brand of charm, they often provoke laughter and pause for thought, as Lucy constantly doles out unsolicited advice. You may remember the episode when Charlie Brown seeks psychiatric advice from Lucy. Lucy tells Charlie Brown that life is like a deck chair on the cruise ship of life. What you have to decide, Lucy says, is whether you want your deck chair to face backward so you can see where you have been, or if you want your deck chair to face forward so you can see w

here you are going.Exasperated, Charlie Brown responds, ā€œIā€™m having trouble just getting my deck chair unfolded!ā€
We are a blessed congregation with our deck chairs facing forward. The Narrative Scope of Ministries (CLICK HERE to view) faces forward into the future God has for us. Take a moment to review how our church changes lives through our ministries and how your generosity helps support our mission to eradicate homelessness in whatever form it presents itself.

This week, give some thought to what you see ahead. Think not only about what our church has been able to do in the past, but what more we can do in the future. There is no status quo in the church. We either plan for and accommodate new growth or we live in decline.

This weekend in worship you will receive another Heart Card. Try to describe one or two things you would like to see happen in our church, which contributes to fulfilling our God-given mission. Think about how God is speaking to us through our hearts as we express and share our hopes and visions for the future. Your card may be added to our growing, inspiring displays throughout the church. I hope you have been able to see some of the member comments on the various displays.

What are your hopes and visions for our church?

With You on Grace Avenue,

Daryll and Mary Beth Wartluft
Stewardship Program Directors

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