Thank you for taking the time to come together as a group to join in conversation about the future of our church. I truly hope this is a time of hopeful, encouraging and holy conversation that spurs us to go where God is daring us to go in the next 20 years and beyond.

Here is some information you need to make your meeting a success:

The Video
— To begin your discussion use the link at the bottom of this page.

— Set your computer/device up so that everyone can see and hear, and you have easy access to start/stop the video throughout.

— When you are comfortable and ready to begin, simply start the video and follow the instructions.

You will be asked to stop the video at certain times for 15-20 minutes of discussion. Please keep an eye on the time for discussion. We want to be sure you are able to complete the video and discussion in under 2 hours so don’t get bogged down on any particular area.
(Please note that the video is running via the Internet so issues with wireless connections, buffering etc. can be the same as any other Internet-based video you might watch. Take whatever measures you typically would, like not connecting other unnecessary devices to your wireless network, to assure the best possible connection in your space.)

Thank you again for your participation. In the spirit of Barnabas, I wish you encouragement and many blessings on your journey together.

With You on Grace Avenue,
Billy Echols-Richter

Click Here begin your Guided Discussion.