January 2022 Worship Information

January 2, 2022
Matthew 2:1-12
Begin the new year as we explore the story of the Magi who traveled to encounter Jesus.  We will also highlight the Wesley Covenant prayer.  


BELIEVE:  Wholehearted Faith 
January 9-23, 2022
A new year brings new hope but Christian Hope is more than just wishful thinking.  It is practicing wholehearted faith.  When we study Jesus’ earliest experiences in ministry, we see him advocating for followers to believe in something bigger than themselves.  His baptism, first sermon and the calling of his first disciples give us a vision of how we can embrace a faith which is sustainable.  Through Jesus we learn to “believe in belief.”

January 9

Believe & Belong
Luke 3, 15-17, 21,22

January 16
Believe: Going Beyond
Luke 4:16-30

January 23
Believe:  Going Deep
Luke 5:1-11

January 30, 2022
Acts 2:26-40
Our preaching team will be "on the road" with a pulpit swap between Modern Worship, Sanctuary Worship & Grace Chapel.  We will explore the story of the Ethiopian Eunuch.