Grace Avenue UMC

November 17 – 25, 2018

Attention is a noun. Attend is verb. It means so much more than simply showing up or being in attendance. In a spiritual sense it is the intentional awareness of God’s presence and power in our lives. With so much “noise” in the world today, it easy to miss
God’s goodness all around us. Such attentiveness requires that we search not just for the right answers but for the correct questions. Gracious change happens when we focus to discern what God is already doing in our lives. Such mindfulness is at the heart of all Thanksgiving.

Scripture Readings

Nov. 17/18 – “You Called for Me?”
I Samuel 3: 1-10

Nov. 24/25 – “What is Truth?”
John 18: 33-38

Suggested Reading & Resources

Just This
by Richard Rohr

Right Here Right Now, The Practice of Christian Mindfulness
by Amy G. Oden