Grace Avenue UMC

Bible Tool Kit
September 2-17, 2017

Many of the controversies in the Church today can trace their roots back to Biblical interpretation.
It is important to know what is in the Bible. It is just as important to know what we believe about the Bible. What does it mean to take the Bible seriously? Does it mean you have to take it literally? How can the Bible be an essential
tool for living a life of faith?

Scripture Readings

Sept. 2/3: Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Taking Jesus’ Bible Seriously

Sept. 9/10: Matthew 22:34-40
Taking The Church’s Bible Seriously

Sept. 16/17: Psalm 119:103-112 & John 1
Living the Bible Seriously

Suggested Resources & Reading

Reading the Bible Again for the First Time
by Marcus J. Borg

Making Sense of the Bible
by Adam Hamilton

Misreading Scripture with Western Eyes:
Removing Cultural Blinders to Better Understand the Bible

by E. Randolph Richards & Brandon J. O’Brien

Eat This Book:
A Conversation on the Art of Spiritual Reading

by Eugene H. Peterson

The Moral Teaching of Paul: Selected Issues, 3rd Edition
by Victor Paul Furnish

What is the Bible?
by Rob Bell

Three Simple Questions:
Knowing the God of Love, Hope, and Purpose

by Rueben P. Job

A Year of Biblical Womanhood
by Rachel Held Evans