Jan. 25 – Feb. 23, 2020

Whether we focus on the concept of freedom or liberation, it is important to acknowledge that we worship a God of deliverance.  The central narrative in the Hebrew Scriptures is the story of the Exodus.  Much more than a historic account, The Book of Exodus challenges us about our fear of change even to the point of choosing captivity and inspires us to trust God explicitly with our promised future even when that future includes wilderness wanderings.  In Moses we find a connection to one who is flawed but finds his true calling as a servant of God.  Like him, through faith, we are drawn in God’s mighty acts of salvation.  

Scripture Readings

Jan 25/26 | Exodus 2:1-10
Feb 1/2 | Exodus 3:1-15
Feb 8/9 | Exodus 11:1-10
Feb 15/16 | Exodus 14:10-31
Feb 22/23 | Exodus 40:34-38

Suggested Resources & Reading

Feature Film, November 2019

America’s Prophet: How the Story of Moses Shaped America by Bruce Feiler

Moses:  In the Footsteps of the Reluctant Prophet by Adam Hamilton

The Prince of Egypt, 1998 Animated Feature Film
(Family Resource!)