20th Birthday Challenge

In News by Kim Eiffert

Grace Avenue 20th Birthday Challenge!

Give On-Line!
Let’s give our beloved church a Birthday Gift in honor of 20 years of ministry!

How it works:  

Give $ 20.00 to Grace Avenue (over and above your regular giving) for yourself and every person in your family who has be blessed by the ministry of Grace Avenue.

The giving period will last for 20 days beginning on the church’s birthday which is Thursday August 15th.  The last day to receive gifts will be Tuesday September 3rd.

Gifts can be made be made by cash using the Birthday challenge envelopes (available beginning August 15th), checks designated in the memo as “Birthday Gift”, and online by clicking HERE.

How will the money be spent:
The money will be divided in three ways.

The Grace Avenue Permanent Endowment Fund
Our commitment to future generations is actualized in this fund in which the principle gifts remain intact while the church can use the proceeds from interest earned to help achieve its mission. Learn more about the Endowment Fund HERE.

Grace Chapel 
This is our Grace Avenue campus designed to reach people in eastern Denton County living north of Highway 380.  The congregation originally known as Cross Way is relaunching Sunday September 8, as a part of Grace Avenue and with an expanded mission field, to become Grace Chapel.  Learn more about Grace Chapel HERE.

Local Missions
We have had a very active summer of building, feeding and sharing with our neighbors.  From these experiences several opportunities have arisen to further expand this work and these relationships.

The Goal:
Over a 20 year period do you think there have been at least 1000 people that have been touched by the ministry of this church?  The truth is that number is probably 10 times that amount or more, but 1000 such acknowledgements would offer Grace Avenue a gift of $ 20,000.