24th Birthday

In News by Kim Eiffert

Happy Birthday, Grace Avenue!

Make a Birthday Gift Here!

It’s Birthday Time at Grace Avenue!  Throughout the month of August, we will be celebrating Grace Avenue’s 24th birthday.  We mark our official birthday every year on August 15.  This date in 1999 was our first Sunday morning worship service as a church.  This means next year will be a huge 25th anniversary celebration that will happen over several months. 

So this year let’s celebrate the little things because often it is the little things that matter most.  Every week throughout the remainder of August, we will be sending out selected Grace Avenue Birthday Trivia Questions.  We hope you will find them fun and interesting.  For some they may even stir a few memories. 

Sometimes we think of trivia as something that is unimportant.  Actually, it is not.  “Trivia” comes from a Latin root meaning “where three roads meet”.  Sometimes it is surprising the experiences, circumstances and events that bring us together.  The Holy Spirit is at work in big ways and in small ways.  Our memories and our hopes can connect us more deeply to God and our neighbor.

As a part of this celebration, we are all invited to make a birthday gift to our beloved church.  No gift is too small (or too big).  Instead, out of gratitude, let us honor our spiritual home.  To make a one-time birthday offering, click the link below.

Grace Avenue Birthday Gifts will be received through Sunday September 3.  And Good Luck with the Trivia.

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