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Christmas Offering 2021

In News by Kim Eiffert

Make a 2021 Christmas Offering

What has come into being in Christ was life, and the life was the light for all people.The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” John 1:3-5

Dear Grace Avenue Family & Friends,

The joy of the Christmas season is here.  It is a time to celebrate the wonder of our savior’s birth and reflect on all that has taken place in 2021. God has blessed us in remarkable ways.  God has called us and now invites us again to behold the glory of the gift of his son Jesus Christ. During this season we have focused on the New Song that Christmas brings.  I hope you have listened to the beautiful offering that was composed by Laurie Hanson Roberts and Wendy Child. If not, you can hear it HERE.  I believe the fresh hope we long for this Christmas is captured in this beautiful chorus.

So we sing a new song, That everyone belongs
In the family of God, And all creation longs
For a Savior so Christ has come to us
And we sing a new song

2021 has seen tremendous efforts in which Grace Avenue has sought to live out our mission to eradicate homelessness in whatever form it presents itself.  We are called to ensure that every child of God has a spiritual, an emotional, and a physical home.  Throughout this year, with your generosity, we have implemented new ministries and initiatives to fulfill this bold mission. We have created safe ways for people of all ages to return to worship and studies. We have reached out to people both in our church and in underserved communities with care, compassion, hospitality, and vaccines.  In doing so we will be able to gather in person with unlimited capacity for Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship.  See Christmas Service times HERE.

With this season also comes the end of the calendar year when an effort is made by all kinds of organizations to close out the year and begin the New Year on a positive financial note.  Our church is no exception.  We want to thank you for your tremendous financial support of Grace Avenue in 2021 and ask for your help.

As the church enters the last month of the year, we need to add approximately $350,000 to our operational giving. This is very similar to recent years when Grace Avenue has received almost 20% of all its annual offerings in December. Although this number seems large, it is much more reasonable when you consider Grace Avenue currently has over 750 active families.  Our church is in need as we approach the last giving opportunity of the year.

Now is the time to search our hearts as we examine our portfolios and confirm God’s blessings upon us this year.  As we have been incredibly blessed – let us share our blessings in a generous response to God for the gift of Christ.

In response to the gift of God this Christmas, you are invited to make a Christmas offering to Grace Avenue.  This offering is intended to be over and above our regular gifts.  This will be immensely helpful in closing out 2021 on a positive financial note and will help kickstart funding our mission in 2022. 

hope you join me and my family as we prayerfully make this gift in response to the greatest gift ever given; the birth of Jesus Christ.  

Thank you again for all you do to make Grace Avenue a great church.  May you have a joyous Christmas!

In Christ,
Billy Echols-Richter

You can make your gift in a variety of ways:
1) Mail it to the the church (3521 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75034)
2) Bring it to the Church Office.
3) Bring it to any of our in-person worship services
4) Make your gift online HERE or at the link above
5) Contact Cindy Moreland at [email protected] with questions or to discuss any other options.  

Holiday Office Hours
December 23, 24 & 27:  Office Closed
December 28, 29, 30:  Open 9am-Noon
December 31:  Office Closed

Note:  On December 23, 28-30 the office lobby will be open from 9:00am-8:00pm. On December 31, the office lobby will be open from 9:00am-3:00pm. You can place year end gifts in the locked donation box in the lobby during those hours.

Please note that for a contribution to be counted toward the 2021 budget (and 2020 tax deductions) it must be postmarked, received in our office, or made on-line by December 31, 2021.   Please contact Cindy Moreland at [email protected] with questions about giving at Grace Avenue.