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Please make sure you use both links!  We need you to pick your location(s) AND purchase/reserve your sings.

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Common Good Appreciation Sign Program
January 31-February 14, 2021

We all need some good in our lives!  As our world faces one challenge after another it is tempting to turn inward and seek ways to fulfill our own wants and needs.  That collective chaos and struggle of society feels daunting and we want to withdraw from the conversation.  But as followers of Christ, we are called to community.  We are called to live in a way that serves not only ourselves but our neighbors. 

There are people and organizations that are working for the Common Good of our community.  Join us as we celebrate them!

Thank you for your willingness to show gratitude and spread light into our community. We pray that this will be a blessing for your family or small group as you share messages of thankfulness to those in our community that are working to help spread hope, love and light for the Common Good of our community!

Here are the steps to participate in the Common Good Sign Program:

1. As a small group or family, commit to being a part of the Common Good Sign Program.
This involves purchasing signs at $10.00 a piece and placing signs at selected locations at least once a week for the 3 weeks of the Common Good sermon series; January 31-February 14. 

2. Sign up for suggested locations. (Link Above)

3. Purchase/Reserve your signs and pick them up from Grace Avenue. (Link Above)
-You can pay online, or you can bring payment to the church.
-You can pick you sings up in the front entry of the church any day from 9:00am-3:00pm.
-If you are paying at the church, there is a “donations” box in the entry as well. Please clearly mark your payment and place it in the box.
-Each location will require 6-10 signs.  If you sign up for multiple locations, you can reuse your signs on different dats. 

(Please note that we are asking for $10 per sign to offset costs. However, we want EVERYONE to be able to participate.  If the cost will prohibit you or your group in in way, please just let us know.) 

4. Decorate your signs with positive messages of gratitude!
Please make sure that the message will work for different types of locations (medical, school, assisted living, etc.)  Some suggestions if you are in need:
-Thank you, for all you do!
-We are thankful for the light that you share. 
-We love the way you love us!
-You are a blessing!

5. Have your signs (6-10 at one location) placed in the morning on the day you choose and picked up by 7:00pm that same day.
Please use your judgement -look for employee entrances, staff parking, reserved parking for doctors/nurses, and all parking lot entrances as other staff will use those too. Spread them out!

6. Do not impede any driveways/entrances/covered drop-offs as you are distributing your signs.
Please be courteous and use your best judgement. If you are asked not to place the signs, please honor any requests. 

Here are some additional reminders to keep you and others safe:
If you or a family member is sick, may have been directly exposed to Covid-19 or have traveled to a high-alert area, please follow the CDC guidelines and refrain from attending church services, programs and events during the 10-day incubation period and instead worship with us online.  Follow the guidelines from the CDC to help prevent the spread of the virus.