Grace Avenue Community Garden

In News by Kim Eiffert

Grace Avenue Community Garden
Want to grow with us? 
Let’s plant seeds and grow blessings!
If you share our enjoyment of the garden and have an interest in activities that enrich our church community life, we would love for you to join us!  There is something everyone can do and we need YOUR help!

There are several ways to get involved:

Adopt a Garden Plot
$50 a plot or $25 for Tabletop Plot
(All Plots are currenlty taken)

Grow vegetables and herbs for the local food banks and for yourself! 

Volunteer to Support the Garden
You don't have to be a gardener to enjoy the garden.
Volunteer for watering days!
Volunteer to take vegetables to the local food banks

Financial Support
Even if you can't be in the garden, we could use donations for supplies. 

For more information, contat Holly Hanson at 972-955-7302 or