Conversations: A Discussion about Race

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Conversations:  A Discussion about Race with Dr. Ron Henderson
Wednesday, June 3rd at 8:30pm
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“Conversations”, hosted by Grace Avenue United Methodist church, is a space to focus on how we can learn and grow in the midst of a world that is calling us to something new. 

For our first “Conversation” we have invited Rev. Dr. Ron Henderson, to lead us in a discussion about race relations and how we, as a predominately white church, can respond in solidarity with the black community in this moment and beyond.  This is a conversation that is both specific as we navigate current events, but also calls us into a greater awareness of how racism and white supremacy have adversely affected our systems, our country, our siblings in Christ, and our very souls.

Dr. Henderson is an ordained elder in the North Texas Conference and currently serves as our District Superintendent.

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