Created By God 2021

In News by Kim Eiffert

Created by God Human Sexuality Workshop
5th-7th Grades
October 1st (7-9:00pm) & October 2nd (9:00am-2:00pm)
Participants must attend entire workshop.  
Cost:  $50 (includes class, book, supplies, snacks and meals)

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Created by God is a human sexuality workshop for students in the 5th - 7th grades.  Created by God explains human growth, sexual development, and reproduction form a Christian perspective.  It is based on two assumptions: We are sexual beings from birth:  To be human is to be sexual, and sexuality is a good gift from God, to be used wisely.  Our goal is to help your student understand and celebrate the special person that they are and what they will become.  

The class will be led by Kristen Lane, Minister of Discipleship with the support of the Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry teams. 

Parent volunteers are needed.  Volunteers will not be expected to teach, just offer support and assistance to the instructors and participants.  

Contact Kristen Lane at [email protected] with questions.