Easter Offering 2021

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Make a 2021 Easter Offering

"The Lord is Risen!"

Easter is the celebration of resurrection and new life.  I believe this has never been more important than in 2021.  Coming out of an entire year of uncertainty with the pandemic, we long for the new hope and possibilities that Easter brings.

In 2020 Grace Avenue pushed back against darkness, doubt and death with faith and generosity. Although our building was shuttered most of the year, our church never closed.  We continued to live into our mission of “Eradicating homelessness in whatever form it presents itself.” With creativity and passion, we found ways to offer people a spiritual, emotional and physical home.

One of the most critical moments of 2020, however, came at Easter.  Uncertain of what ministry might look like in the immediate future the church asked us in faith to go over and above with our Easter Offering.  The result was the largest Easter Offering in Grace Avenue history.  It allowed us to remain financially stable through the very unstable remainder of 2020.  I will always be grateful for the outpouring of love that reminded me what it means to be Easter people.

2021 presents a new set of challenges and opportunities.  In 2021, as many communal restrictions are lifted, we will not be going back to church; we will be going forward to church.  In many respects we will have the opportunity to experience resurrection like a brand-new church.  The prospects are both scary and exciting.  To do this we are commissioning a Strategic Planning Team that will begin its work after Easter.  We once again will need faith and generosity as we step into the bold future that God has planned for Grace Avenue.

I invite you, therefore, to join me and my family as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the dawning of new life in our church.  Let us begin by making our Easter Offering for 2021.  Last’s year’s offering was $78,935.  I challenge us to exceed that amount this year.  Imagine what God can do with our bold generosity in 2021 and beyond.

With you on Grace Avenue,
Billy Echols-Richter

You can make your gift in a variety of ways:
1) Mail it to the the church (3521 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75034)
2) Bring it to the Church Office any day between 9:00am - 3:00pm
3) Bring it to any of our in-person worship services
4) Make your gift online HERE or at the link above
5) Contact Cindy Moreland at [email protected] with questions or to discuss any other options.