Easter Offering

In News by Kim Eiffert

Make an Easter Offering

Dear Grace Avenue Friends & Family,

Easter is all about hope.  It is our greatest expression of new life which comes to us through Christ's resurrection.  It is a time to celebrate and give thanks. In a few short weeks we will be greeted by the dawn of an Easter sunrise and the joyous strains of the Hallelujah Chorus.

At Grace Avenue United Methodist Church, we are Easter people.  Our church provides hope and new life opportunities every day of the year.  For people who are struggling and grieving, we provide comfort.  For children and families who are active and busy, we provide a setting to renew what matters most.  For youth and adults who are often in stressful environments, we provide a place of fellowship and trusted relationships.  In a world of need and neglect, we provide care and support.  We welcome the stranger, befriend the lonely and create a place that all God's people can call home.  At Grace Avenue, we believe that everyone needs a spiritual, emotional, and physical home. The church is a channel through which we receive the outpouring of God's love.  It allows us all to experience new life in Jesus Christ.

It is in this spirit that Easter presents us with a great opportunity to offer a special expression of our gratitude and thereby offer, to a hurting world, the Good News that changes us all.  We are blessed in boundless ways; therefore we can express our Easter faith with extravagant generosity.  I invite you to join me and my family as we make a special Easter offering during this sacred season.  Above and beyond our regular gifts, we can make a huge difference in ensuring our beloved church runs throughout the remainder of 2023 with abundance and purpose.  In doing so, we demonstrate our belief that Christ has conquered fear, scarcity, and death.  Our generosity is part of our witness that Christ is the living embodiment of God’s Love.

To make a gift on-line, click the button above. You can also bring/mail a check to the church or place it in the offering plate during worship.  There will be special "Easter Offering" envelopes available. 

Throughout the ages, the Church has declared:  "The Lord is Risen!"  It is spoken with the expectation of a response:  "The Lord is Risen Indeed!"   Thank you for being a church whose "indeed" is always gratitude and generosity.

With you on Grace Avenue,
Billy Echols-Richter