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Faith Handles with Billy Echols-Richter
Have you ever tried to carry your luggage without a handle?  It would be difficult and challenging.  It is the same with our lives.  It seems we are carrying around a lot of questions that often encumber and weigh us down.  Faith does not always give us the answers, but it gives us the handles to better navigate our way on the journey of life.

Faith Handles is a subscription-based video message (sent via email) in which Rev. Billy Echols-Ricther addresses questions of faith. 

Subscribers will be invited to submit their own questions to the conversation and once a quarter Billy will host a hybrid in-person/Zoom gathering to address questions in real time.  

If you would like to subscribe to Faith Handles, please at the link above or email  Simply write “Subscribe to Faith Handles” in the email.  

Life is often cumbersome. Faith provides a handle.