Faith & Politics Class

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Faith & Politics
4-week study led by Pastors Jesseca Aziz & Alex Williams
Tuesdays @8pm on Zoom, September 22 - October 13
(We will send out the Zoom Link before the first class)

In November, we will elect 435 House Representatives, 35 Senators, and a Presidential ticket, not to mention the number of local elections that will happen all across our country. It seems that we are more divided and angry than at any point since the Civil War. We know that our faith is supposed to inform how we vote, but we don’t always know how to put that into practice. Besides, how can we talk about politics when it always devolves into a fight? Join us for this four-week discussion class to find out!

This class will be led by Pastor Jesseca Aziz ( from our Grace Avenue Modern Worship community and Pastor Alex Williams ( from our Grace Chapel campus. 

Here’s what we will cover during these four weeks:

  1. Finding our values in Scripture. How do we identify our values in scripture before we ever get to policies, parties, or candidates? We shouldn’t start with party allegiance, we should start with our faith.
  2. How did we get here? Our two political parties have not always held the positions they do today and the church’s place in politics has a long and complicated history. We’re going to look at how we got to where we are so we might better understand where we’re heading.
  3. Synthesis! Once we identify our abstract values and better understand the history of our two-party system, how do we put it all together? We’re going to talk about how we use our faith to inform the way we vote and talk about politics. (Don’t worry, we won’t be fighting over specific policies or anything.)
  4. Where do we go from here? What can I do next? How can I engage in the political process in a positive manner that calls people into the discussion instead of calling them out and criticizing? We’ll talk about some concrete steps and best practices for constructive and positive political action.