Financial Peace University – March 2018

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Financial Peace University
Sundays at 7:15pm Beginning March 18, 2018 (9-Weeks)
3 Class Options: Ages 40+, Ages 25-40, High School – Age 25
Adult Classes are $75 per household
Youth/Young Adult classes are $50 per Individual
(Costs are discounted and include all materials.)

I believe that the journey of Lent is a time to face the fear, challenges, struggles, suffering and judgement in our lives.  One of the worst things we can do is to imagine that our faith is an escape from all the things that trouble us. Instead we are called to follow the example of Jesus who “set his face toward Jerusalem and the Cross.

Among the things we often do not want to face is the issue of how we handle our personal finances.  We are so busy “keeping up appearances” that we have made the discussion about managing finances, taboo. Approximately 80% of working Americans say they live paycheck-to-paycheck yet we spend and accumulate more personal unsecured debt every year.  These circumstances are a major factor in the high rates of depression, divorce and desperation that we experience in our culture today.  We need to find peace when it comes to our personal finances.  We need to reclaim our identity as the blessed children of God who are not defined by what we have and what we consume.

For many years one of the most successful straightforward programs in dealing with personal finances is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  It is a nine week course that addresses some of the most important strategies for dealing with personal finances and some of the most common mistakes all people make related to these issues.  There are literally thousands of success stories of people who have climbed out of financial desperation and moved into financial peace this program.

Beginning Sunday, March 18, 2018 Grace Avenue will be offering Financial Peace University every Sunday evening (except Easter) at 7:15 pm. We believe this issue is so important that we intend to have three sections or groups going on at once:

1. There will be a group for High School students and young adults who are under the age of 25.  We believe that responsible financial management is important to learn at this very formative stage of life.

2.  There will be a group for adults ages 25 – 40.  At this stage of life there are so many things pulling at us and so many things we want to get started.  This group is doing everything from paying off student loans to buying a first house to learning to budget with a growing family.

3. There will be a group for adults ages 40 plus.  For people in this sandwich phase of life, financial stability can be extremely tricky with children about to enter college, retirement stating to loom ever closer on the horizon and caretaking of of our aging parents.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement, once wrote:
“Earn all you can, Save all you can, Give all you can.”

Let’s face it, we could all use more financial peace in our lives.

With you on Grace Avenue,
Billy Echols-Richter

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