Grace Chapel Furnishings

In News by Baylee Davis

As we look forward to Grace Chapel’s new building, we remember there is a difference between a building and a home. We are asking for your help to MAKE THIS HOUSE A HOME. Through this program, your donations will fill Grace Chapel’s walls with the practical tools to run a church and do God’s work in this community.

Gifts to the “Make This House A Home” campaign, can be made by individuals, groups, or families. Your gifts are an expression of your faith in what God is doing through Grace Chapel.

You can give in a few different ways:
1) Donate towards an item or items from the catalog (worship chairs, refrigerators, classroom TVs etc.)
2) Donate a flat amount to be used as needed, paid in full right now.
3) Pledge an amount to be paid over time, completed by December 31, 2024.

Click the button below for more information and to find the links to give. If you have questions, reach out to Kim Eiffert at

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