Our Mission is to eradicate homelessness in whatever form it presents itself.  We believe everyone needs a spiritual home, an emotional home, and a physical home.  To fulfill this mission, we use a method to help us grow in our discipleship that we call 4G Faith.  When practicing 4G Faith, we Gather, Grow, Go, and Give. 

We were created by a generous God for generosity.  The path to generosity travels through the experience of gratitude.  Awareness of our blessings transforms us from the fear of scarcity to the joy of God’s abundance.  But, just like our 4G faith, gratitude is a muscle that must be exercised.  It is a territory that must be explored.  Our faith is enhanced when we engage in the practice of gratitude in our daily lives.  

Gratitude is the 5th G that is the foundation for our faith and leads to grace-filled living.  


Exploring Gratitude Podcast
As we spend time thinking about what gratitude looks like in our lives and what God is calling us toward, we would like to share a variety of perspectives.  The Ministry & Pastoral staff will be doing that through a podcast called “Exploring Gratitude”.  You can find the podcast in a variety of places around the internet: 
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