From Holidays to Holy Days

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From Holidays to Holy Days
January 3-24, 2021
We couldn’t wait to celebrate the holidays this year.  We told ourselves that we needed the break and the escape that the holidays bring. But the holidays are over.  Now what? It is back to a reality that reminds us that all of the challenges that we tried to forget before the holidays are still here.  Will we begin the new year with the past year’s melancholy? Maybe we need a different approach.

What if we chose by faith to make every day a holy day?  What if we dedicated each and every day to God’s purposes?  What if we decided every day we would look for God’s presence and follow God’s calling?  At the beginning of every year John Wesley called Methodists at the beginning of a new year to renew their commitment  to God through a covenant prayer.  Beginning Sunday January 3 we will be using and studying that prayer in a series to start 2021 entitled “From Holidays to Holy Days”.  During this series we will be renewing our baptismal covenant and examining the stories of how Jesus called his first disciples.  Join us at Grace Avenue as we begin 2021 with a journey from holidays to Holy days.  

January 3rd:  Make Every Day Holy|  Matthew 2:1-15
January 10th:  I am God’s Child | Mark 1:4-10
January 17th:  I am Christ’s Disciple | John 1:43-51
January 24th:  I am Led by the Spirit | Mark 1:14-20

Suggested Resource 


The Wesley Prayer Challenge 
By Chris Folmsbee
This book invites readers to consider words from the Wesley Covenant Prayer each day for three weeks while reflecting on their meaning in the context of the larger piece.  Each day’s reading will include scripture, prayer, and a challenge for daily life. (More Info)