Putting Your House in Order

In News by Kim Eiffert

A Great Gift for Your Loved Ones:
Putting Your House in Order
Sunday, April 29th | 4:00-6:00pm
Cost: $10 for Materials

Would you like to know that your generosity will continue even after your death? Have you had conversation with your loved ones about the values you would most like to pass on?

Do you have a will? Have you thought about who should have your most precious possessions after you have died? Would you like to greatly relieve the stress upon your families when it comes time to plan your funeral? Do you know the tax advantages of remembering the church and other charitable organizations in your legacy giving?

If you are interested in questions like these, join us for this workshop called Putting Your House in Order, sponsored by the Texas Methodist Foundation. In addition to addressing some of the questions above, the workshop is meant to prepare you for a visit to the professionals who can most help you with your particular wills and estate planning questions.
The workshop, led by Rev. Carol Montgomery, Area Representative of North Texas for TMF, includes a workbook in which a person can record all the important information that will help loved ones with funeral planning and with the probate process. The workshop costs $10 per participant.

Please contact Billy Echols-Richter at billy@graceavenue.org with any questions.