HS Senior Celebration

In News by Kim Eiffert

Registration for Senior is currently closed.  If you have questions, please contact Christopher Vaughan at christopher@graceavenue.org.  

Seniors 2020 Celebration!

In this time of quarantine and social distancing our students are having everything cancelled around them. School, banquets, prom, and maybe even graduation. They are feeling frustrated and hopeless. We want to provide them with a moment of hope and joy.

It is a tradition at Grace Avenue to Honor our seniors on Graduating Senior Sunday. We typically do this by recognizing them in worship and we are still hoping we will have the opportunity to do that this summer. But to honor them now, in quarantine, and their accomplishment of Graduating High school, we’ll be recognizing them on Sunday, May 3rd, at 9am with a graduating senior Sunday reverse parade at the church.

How will that work? Each student and their families will be socially distanced from the rest by 30ft. They will have a sign in front of them that states their name and future plans.  We will show a picture slide show of our participating students on the church digital sign during the parade and all day Sunday.   The congregation along with other friends/teachers/community members you want to invite will come and celebrate our students with a ‘joyride’ through the parking lot to wave at them, congratulate them, and wish them well.   Everyone except the seniors and their families will need to remain in their vehicles due to social distancing.  They will not be able to park or get out at any time during the parade.  We will have staff carefully taking pictures throughout the event.

In order for us to organize and maintain appropriate social distancing, senior participation will be by registration only. Please register HERE.

If you wish to have your senior’s photo in the Slide Show that will be displayed on the digital sign and during the service please pick a senior photo and send it via email to communications@graceavenue.org with the Subject – ‘Senior Sunday Photo’ by Thursday, April 30th at 5pm.  Please list name as your senior would like it displayed in the email and their future plans. 

We are looking for headshots because they will work best on the digital sign.  Higher resolution photos are also helpful.

We hope your senior will enjoy participating in this event!

If you have any questions, please contact Christopher Vaughan at christopher@graceavenue.org