Use Your Imagination

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Use Your Imagination!

Right now it is easy to feel trapped by circumstances, regulations and guidelines.  We want to feel free. We want to feel fully alive; not merely surviving.  We worry we don’t have the resources or mobility we are accustomed to.  What can we do?  
The voice of God rings out like a loving parent:
“Use Your Imagination!”

There is nothing more God-given than imagination.  It reminds us that there are creative juices flowing through every one of us.  We need to get them circulating.  In God’s grace there is nothing that cannot be transformed by imagination and creativity.  To begin to discover this, we do not have to look any further than the first chapter of Genesis.

June 14  | Genesis 1: 1-5 - Creating Out Of Nothing
June 21 | Genesis 1: 6-25 - Celebrating the Goodness
June 28 | Genesis 1: 26-31 - Products of God’s Imagination

Join us in a game of Joy Tag!  

Download this "tag" and start playing!

(We will have some printed and in the entry of the church that you can pick up if you don't have a printer!) 


Let's Play a Game of "Joy Tag!"

Grace Avenue takes the health of our members and our community very seriously.  Throughout the month of June we continue to worship online while we make plans and preparations for future gatherings.  But...being socially distanced, does not mean we can’t be joyfully connected!

We are starting a game of “Joy Tag” and we are asking you to USE YOUR IMAGINATION!

How do I tag someone?
Anyway you want! You could bring cookies to a neighbor, visit someone who lives alone, plan a an outdoor picnic with some friends, pick up groceries for a grandparent, buy coffee for your hairstylist...whatever you can IMAGINE! 

How do I tell someone they are IT?
Print out our “Tag!” sheet and leave it with them to pass on to the next person that they “tag”.
(Download Here!)

How do we keep the game going? 
You can tag as many people as you want!  We can have as many people playing as we can reach?

How do I spread the word? 
Let us know how your game is going!  Post a picture to social media and “tag” Grace Avenue!

Facebook:  @GraceAvenueUMC
Instagram:  @GraceAveUMC
(#GraceAveUMC #JoyfullyConnected)

Or you can email your pictures to