Journey Toward Racial Justice

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Because of the discussion-based nature of this this event it will not be recorded or live-streamed in a public format.  However, if you are part of our online community or are out of town and would like to participate online in real time, we will have an option via Zoom and a private Streaming Link.  To receive the log-in & streaming information, please email by noon on July 22nd.  

Journey Toward Racial Justice
Cultural Competency Training
"Race, Culture, and the Church"

Thursday, July 22nd | 6:30-9:30pm (CST)
Childcare is Available

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Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Journey Toward Racial Justice “Faith and Race” survey.  With 380 responses (between our Frisco and Grace Chapel campuses) we now have a good foundation to inform how to proceed with this important work.  Below you can find the breakout of the congregational responses to a few of the more representative questions.  As you can see, there is an undeniable majority of responses that are supportive of this work with 85% either neutral, somewhat agreeing or strongly agreeing with the church playing a role in the journey.  Conversely, 88% express that our church is not yet fully equipped to do this work.  We are excited to see both the commitment as well as the understanding that this is challenging work not to be taken lightly. 

As one of the many next steps in the journey, we invite you to participate in an event on July 22nd.  Grace Avenue is hosting a cultural competency program for the congregation led by members of the Conference JTRJ team that is focused on race, culture, and the church.  We are asking everyone to attend even if you already feel versed in anti-racist work or have participated in other programs of similar content.  It is important that we all have similar vocabulary, particularly as it relates to faith and race, as we lead each other through this work.  Register HERE or at the link above.


If you have any questions about the complete survey results, the training, or the JTRJ initiative, please feel free to reach out to any of the team members. 

Carol Dirks (Chairperson)

Matt Clifton

Rob Davis

Billy Echols-Richter

Kim Eiffert

Rosanne Houle

Tracy Huselton

Jumoke Macauley

Katherine Norris

Cindy Sill

D’Andre Smith

Steve Smith

Madison Taylor

Stanley Wang

Grace Avenue/Grace Chapel "Faith and Race" Survey Results

Percentages are based on approximately 380 responses from both Frisco and Grace Chapel Campuses combined.  

I want my church to provide guidance on how I can respond to racial justice issues
Agree Strongly:  43%
Agree Somewhat:  28%
Neutral: 14%
Disagree Somewhat:  5%
Disagree Strongly:  10%

Thinking about the current national conversation around racial justice, what do you need most from your church leadership?
Education on justice related race issues:  27%
Education on civic engagement:  12%
Biblical understanding of justice:  24%
Guidance for mobilizing:  7%
I need my church leaders to care about this as much as I do:  10%
Emotional/mental health support:  5%
This is not an important issue to me:  3%
That is not the church’s role:  11%

What do you believe would be the most helpful way primarily white churches could respond to issues of race and justice?
Recognize the nation’s history of racism and injustice:  12%
Advocate for law enforcement reform:  5%
Participate in civic activism and protests:  1%
Reach out to people of color in the community and offer support:  19%
Deliver a Biblical perspective on justice:  12%
All of the above:  37%
Other:  4%
No official response:  9%

How well do you feel your congregation is equipped for the mission "to create disciples of Jesus Christ who are courageously anti-racist in a broken and hurting world?
Not Equipped at All:  6%
Somewhat Equipped:  42%
Engaged in being Equipped:  40%
Already Equipped:  12%