Adult Sunday School

Please contact Minister of Discipleship, Kristen Lane, at [email protected] with questions about any of our adult classes.  Kristen would LOVE to help connect you with a group that will be a great fit for you.

GraceLink Class
“Let’s Talk” format! It’s easy and fun. This class continues to grow through a variety of books on Christian living and Bible study. They represent a wide range of ages from empty nester to retiree and marital status.  GraceLink meets at 9:30 in Room 219. 

Discovery Class
Our class includes both singles and couples. Many of our members have elementary-age to college-aged children. Our class topics include current events, contemporary faith issues, and Bible study. We often use videos and other media to enhance our lessons. We gather regularly for social activities.  Discovery meets at 9:45 in Room 214. 

Providence Class
This friendly class is comprised of adults ages 50+ which includes couples and singles. Lessons generate stimulating discussions on a variety of Christian issues. We are mature, but not old! This class is involved in outreach and participates in frequent social activities.  Providence meets at 9:45 in Tom Graves Hall. 

Life in Focus Class
Join this fun, upbeat, active group of adults as we take a practical approach to everyday spiritual life through lively conversation and study, using the Bible, books, internet and videos. Various social events are planned throughout the year.  Life in Focus meets at 9:45 in The Bride’s Room. 

Christ Connections Class
This is a dynamic group of people of various ages and backgrounds. The focus is to learn and grow as they study the Bible through present-day resources. They have monthly lunches after class and festive social gatherings throughout the year!  We are currently offering a hybrid class for those who wish to remain on-line.  You can contact Kristen Lane for the Zoom link.  Christ Connections meets at 9:45 in Room 218.