Journey of Hope
Journey of Hope

As we embrace our mission to eradicate homelessness in whatever form it presents itself, Journey of Hope Grief Support Center is an opportunity to live out our mission by providing an emotional home for those in need.

Grace Avenue hosts grief group support sessions from Journey of Hope to children, adolescents, and their parents or adult caregivers who have lost a loved one to death. Groups at Grace Avenue meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.

An independent nonprofit, Journey of Hope, offers these services in a warm, caring, and nurturing environment where the feelings of grief, pain, and loss may be expressed. This is not a faith-based program as participants are welcome because of their grief, not on their religious affiliation. While Journey of Hope deals with the most raw of human emotions, the program brings children and families together in an atmosphere of compassion, understanding, and love – which in turn allows for laughter and joy. More information to come for those families who might find support through this program, which will be held twice a month on Wednesday nights at Grace Avenue.

Trained volunteer group facilitators lead children, teens or adults in their personal journey toward healing and healthy reconciliation of their grief.

To learn more about Journey of Hope, visit Contact Lauren Dugger at [email protected] or 214/693-1177 if you have any questions about this program or how you can become involved.