UMCOR Kit Ministry
(United Methodist Committee on Relief)

The UMCOR Kit Ministry is an efficient, organized prepare-in-advance to response to those affected by natural disasters and human tragedy. Any time there is a disaster, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) will respond with aid that includes kits for cleaning up after the disaster as well as basic, but necessary hygiene products. This supplies are always in need and particularly need to be replenished after one of these catastrophic events. Please bring your donated kits to the Church and we will get them to the UMCOR distribution center.

We will certainly make a call for these items in response to specific situations, but you can make a contribution at any time.

Financial Donation to UMCOR

100% of financial contributions made to UMCOR go directly to assisting those in need. Please consider making a contribution.

UMCOR Donation