The New Normal

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The New Normal Worship Series
August 2-16, 2020

Everyone seems to be searching for the “New Normal”.  The term “normal” (from norm) is actually a standard of measurement.  To that end, “normal” is whatever is in the center of your life on an ongoing basis.  The Gospel of John begins with the announcement that God has come to dwell right in our midst. “And the Word became flesh and lived among us...”  (John 1:14 NRSV).  Jesus the Christ becomes the “norm” against which our lives are shaped and measured.  This Is why so many things in John’s Gospel happen the middle.  We will examine what can happen when we place Jesus in the center through three great stories at the beginning of John.

 August 2 - John 2: 1-12 - The Miracle in the Middle of the Wedding
August 9 - John 3: 1-17 - The Man Who is Transformed By Jesus in the Middle of the Night
August 16 - John 4: 1-30 - The Woman Who is Transformed by Jesus in the Middle of the Day