Open Table (August 31, 2017)

In News by Kim Eiffert

Open Table

Location: The British Lion Pub
5454 Main Street, Frisco, TX 75033 (Main Street and the Toll Road)
Thursday, August 31st from 8:00-9:30pm

Join Marcus Womack and Bryant Phelps for an open conversation about responding to the events in Charlottesville, Confederate Memorial controversies, white supremacy, and race relations in America. Bring your questions and thoughts as we discuss our Christian response.

Contact Marcus Womack at [email protected] with questions.

Open Table

Open Table is an event that is held periodically throughout the year. It is intended to be a forum for open discussion about faith and how God is and is not at work in this world. Different topics will be explored at each meeting (Faith & culture? What do we think about evil? Do Miracles exist? Gender issues, Race, Sexuality, etc.).

Please contact Marcus Womack at [email protected] or click the button if you would like more information or to be alerted of future dates and topics.