Refresh Groups

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Refresh Groups
As we begin to emerge from a year of being sheltered and distanced, in conjunction with our Fresh Air Worship Series, we are inviting everying to join a Refresh Group this spring.  Together we will experience the hope of Easter and get some fresh air TOGETHER.

Please register yourself or your family as soon as possible so we can begin coordinating groups. 

What is a Refresh Group and what do they do?
Approximately 4 households will be placed in a group.  Each groups is encouraged to meet at least 4 times by May 23rd

Gatherings designed to take place outside.  Here are some suggestions:
Backyard Cookout or Dessert Gathering
Backyard Game Event
Backyard Book/Movie/TV Show Discussion 
Neighborhood Hike/Stroll
Neighborhood Treasure/Scavenger Hunt
Fishing at Nearby Pond or Lake
Kite Flying
Bluebonnet Field Adventure
Local Park Meet-up  or Park Discovery Meetup (Go to a park unknown to the group: e.g., Central Park, Hidden Cove Park, Monarch View Park)

Events at the Church
We are planning two events at the church (May 2nd and May 23rd) that you can use as part of your 4 meetings or they can be extra.  Details on those events to come!

Will we talk about God?
Gatherings will include a brief devotional including a scripture, prayer and moment of discussion. Don’t worry!  We are going to provide resources to help with this.

What else can our group do?
Our Grace Avenue family has a heart for service and outreach and these groups will surely be no exception.  As your group begins to meet, here are some other things to consider.

--Is there an additional household in your area who currently is not connected to Grace Avenue that might need a place of connection through your Refresh Group

--Is there a mission/service partnership that our Refresh Group would be willing to participate in during one of your gatherings?  For example:
Work in the Community Garden
Work with Bedstart on a Saturday morning
Plant flowerbeds at church or a neighbor’s house
Cleaning up a park
Decorate/Deliver Common Good Signs (We still have some at the church)
Sidewalk Chalk notes to brighten someone's day
Window visits at Assisted Living facilities

--Consider if your Refresh Group would like to continue during the summer and beyond?

--Be Creative!  Your group will have it’s own unique personality. 


Fresh Air Series

April 11 - May 23, 2021
For the last year things have seemed closed off, confined, and stale. It feels at times like we are suffocating.  We long for some fresh air. The great hope of the Easter season is that we experience resurrection and new life in Christ. 

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