Resurrection Debrief

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April 7-21

In the aftermath of the resurrection,
Jesus engaged in what we could call a “Resurrection Debrief” with his disciples and various individuals. These encounters were not only moments of reassurance and joy but also opportunities for Jesus to provide further teachings and clarifications about the Kingdom of God. These post- resurrection interactions remind us of the importance of ongoing growth and learning in our faith journey. Just as Jesus continued to teach and provide insight
to his followers, we too should cultivate a mindset of continuous learning and reflection about Christ and our faith. Moreover, these encounters highlight the significance of dialogue and conversation in our spiritual lives. Just as Jesus engaged in debriefing conversations, we are called to engage with one another, sharing our insights, asking questions, and seeking deeper understanding. Through open and honest conversations, we can glean wisdom from one another, deepen our relationship with Christ, and collectively grow in our faith.

April 7

Doubting Thomas
John 20:19 - 29

April 14

Road to Emmaus
Luke 24:13 - 35

April 21

Breakfast on the Beach
John 21:1 - 19


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