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Silver Link Ministry
The Silver Link Ministry at Grace Avenue provides weekly worship for residents of local assisted living facilities.  This laity-led ministry focuses on offering a spiritual home beyond the walls of Grace Avenue’s buildings.  Each week we offer a time of worship which includes prayer, hymn singing, Scripture, and a sermon or devotional.  Occasionally we provide Communion.

The Silver Link Ministry began in early 2021 following our Common Good sign program. As Grace Avenue took the time to thank those who were tirelessly working in these facilities, the Program Directors at Mustang Creek and the Landing at Watermere shared how desperately the residents were lacking spiritual support and connection during quarantine.  Grace Avenue members were able to step in an provide this needed connection. 

As the program has grown, we are in need of additional volunteers to offer their time and support.  We are currently serving at The Landing at Watermere at 3:15pm each Sunday.  We need volunteers to help read Scripture, lead songs, offer a devotional, or just be a caring presence for the residents. 

If you are interesting is serving with this vital and life-giving ministry or have questions, please contact Kenneth Wolverton at or sign up at the link above.