Small Groups at Grace Avenue

In News by Kim Eiffert

During the next several weeks are are inviting everyone who calls Grace Avenue home to join a new Small Group.

Why Do I need to be in a small group?
Why Small Groups? At Grace Avenue UMC, we think community is essential for thriving in life and in faith. That everyone needs a spiritual home, and emotional home, and a physical home. We hope that being part of a small group helps deepen your sense of belonging as you grow in life and faith.

Our hope for your time with a small group, and in your time at Grace Avenue, is to foster this vital experience of belonging. That this group might become a space where you “can feel safe, cared for, protected, and loved.” Ultimately we believe that all created beings find their home in God. We believe God’s grace provides our ultimate sense of home. This is eternal and abundant living as promised by Jesus the Christ. As part of God’s creation we are all connected; we are made for each other and we are interdependent.

How will I be assigned to a group?
Groups will be assigned based on the information you give us. Are you looking for a group of parents in the same life stage as you? Are you looking to meet with other couples or maybe you want a men’s or women’s group? Are looking When is the best time for you to meet?

What is the commitment?
We are asking that each group commits to meeting weekly for 6 weeks. During that time you will be given a guided curriculum to help you get to know each other and delve into the importance of what small groups mean to your faith development. At the conclusion of the 6 weeks each group can determine if they would like to continue. If you wish to continue, will then set your own schedule and intentions for the group.

What is the timeline?
Please register between now and September 9th! On September 13th there will be a Small Group Kick-Off event where you will meet your groups and get to know each other.

I Still have questions!
If you want to know more, please reach out to Kristen Lane at or Marcus Womack at