So… Sow… Sew

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September 10-24

As fall kicks off this month, many of us find ourselves SO busy. School is back in full swing, extracurriculars are filling our spare hours, and the slow days of summer feel like a season that time forgot. We are taking care to SOW the seeds of hard work now, to ensure that year-end work deadlines are met, and 2023 targets are realized. Additionally, we attempt to SEW the complexities of our schedules together and make everything run smoothly in what can feel like a non-stop circus ride. However, as we go about our routines, what are we prioritizing? Which connections are we invested in growing? And how does God fit into this picture? In this series, we invite you to be transformed by the renewing of the mind, SO that you may discern the will of God in your life. How can you SOW joy, light, and hope in our world when it often feels tumultuous and overwhelming? What would it look like for our community and broader society if we stopped trying to prove our worth by ripping each other apart, but instead worked to SEW all the different fabrics of human existence into one show-stopping tapestry? At Grace Avenue, we believe all people reflect the face of God. As Christians, it is our great joy to respond with grace to every person we meet SO that Christ’s love can transform as we SOW peace in our schools and workplaces in a way that will SEW us all together in God’s family. SO. SOW. SEW.

September 10

Romans 12:1 - 2

September 17

Galatians 6:6 - 10

September 24

Colossians 3:1 - 12


How to be Here
by: Rob Bell

Holy: Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others
by: Barbara Brown Taylor

The Gospel Amount Religions: Christian Ministry, Theology, and Spirituality in a Multi-faith World
by: David Brockman & Ruben Habito

Stitches: A Handbook on Meaning, Hope, and Repair
by: Anne Lamont

Art & Faith: A Theology of Making
by: Makoto Fujimura

Outlaw Justice: The Messianic Politics of Paul
by: T. Jennings

Podcast: Love to Sew