Sunday Spotlight

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Sunday Spotlight:
How to Live Out Your Faith in the World

10:30am | Room 219

During our 10:30 learning hour, there will be a variety of short term classes to help our communities learn “how to” truly live out our faith in the world. From education, to community grief, to spiritual practices, there is something for everyone!

August 14th
How to have a Great School Year:

Ways to Support our Students and Educators
Led by Tyra Damm, Alleigh Carthey-Venable, and Tiffany Krieg
No matter what the age of your student, starting a new school year can have a mix of emotions and expectations.  Tyra Damm will lead a conversation about the best ways to support our students and educators.  Tyra is a Frisco ISD middle school teacher, mom to two children, and a freelance writer and editor with a biweekly column in The Dallas Morning News.  She will be joined by Alleigh Carthey-Venable (Lead Counselor at Panther Creek High School) and Tiffany Krieg (teacher/coach at Carroll Elementary School).  They will offer their wisdom as FISD educators spanning K-12th grades and as parents.



August 21st
How To Become a Better Neighbor: Making Community Connections

Led by Tiffany Krieg and Erin Pickens, Neighborhood Connectors
There was a time when we all knew our neighbors but with back entry driveways and privacy fences, things have changed.  Grace Avenue is sharing in the Good Neighbor Experiment with the North Texas Conference exploring how to become better neighbors.  Tiffany Krieg and Erin Pickens will offer tangible ways to make community connections and engage with our neighbors in positive ways.  Register to join this conversation and offer questions you may have.

August 28th & September 4th
Advocacy as Holy Neighboring
Led by Jenny Bates, Denton Community Pastor
As we learn to become good neighbors, what does it look like to ‘do the work’ in your community as an advocate? For two weeks, local DFW Advocacy teacher Jenny Bates will lay out actions you can take individually and communally to cultivate change in the world.


September 11th
How to Process Community Grief
Led by Jennifer Bradt, MS, LPC-S, NCC
On 9/11, not just our country but our world joined together sharing a communal grief.  As we struggled through the initial months of COVID, we shared grief from loss of life to loss of shared experiences.  Most recently, we have experienced this type of communal grief with the people of Uvalde.  Jennifer Bradt will share the importance of naming our grief and ways we can journey with one another helping us know we are not alone.  Jennifer is a member of Grace Avenue, a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional.  She is also the founder of Planting Seeds Counseling and Coaching. 


September 18th - October 23rd
Exploring the Method: How to Connect as United Methodists

Led by Grace Avenue Pastors & Lay Leaders
Living as a member of the United Methodist Church is both an individual experience and a connectional experience. Members of the church share beliefs and practices regardless of background or geography. This course will help you explore what connects United Methodists across the world, including what we believe, our historical roots, our church structure, and modern United Methodism.


October 30th - November 20th
An Introduction to Spiritual Practices
Led by Jeff Bouis & Laura Byrd
Have you wondered how to alleviate your mind when it is racing or cultivate good will and generosity during times of depression and grief? We often think of spiritual practices as exercises only needed during these specific times, but what if we cultivated daily practices which could accompany us on the rollercoaster of everyday life? Join Jeff and Laura as they introduce spiritual practices that will bring you closer to your true self and the Holy Spirit. No training necessary to begin this journey, just an open heart.