Testimony HQ Survey

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Testimony HQ Survey

Deadline is December 2, 2022

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We Need Your Help!
We have good news to share. Over the summer we became aware of a program called Testimony HQ, which is a Lily Endowment-funded initiative at SMU Perkins School of Theology. Both the Grace Avenue and Grace Chapel campuses collaborated to complete the application process and we are pleased to tell you that our church is one of eight within a 350-mile radius of Dallas to be selected for the second cohort of Testimony HQ. The purpose of this initiative is to help congregations thrive through the practice of testimony as community engagement. Through this program Grace Avenue and Grace Chapel will commit to testimony as a primary focus of our ministry from January through December, 2023. We will receive up to $5000 in grant funding to support our efforts, and we will be visited early in 2023 by a Perkins team member who will introduce the aims and purpose of testimony as community engagement.

The first thing we have been asked to do is for everyone 13 years or older to complete a survey about our church. This survey will provide important information about who we are as a congregation before we begin the grant work. 

The deadline for completing this survey is December 2, 2022.  

THQ is an exciting project for us, and we hope you help by completing this survey!  

Questions?  Email Kim Eiffert at kime@graceavenue.org.