The Way of Christ

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The Way of Christ
Lent 2021 Worship Series
February 21-March 28, 2021

Before they were called Christians, the earliest followers of Jesus were called the people of “The Way”.  They were called this because they understood that the path and pattern of how Jesus called them to live was different than anything else they had ever been taught. Not only did Jesus show them the way but their commitment to Jesus made him the embodiment of their belief. Jesus was “The Way” (John 14:6).

In the season of Lent we are asked to consider the many different paths our lives take.  Many of the paths we choose lead us astray from God’s design for our lives.  In the season of Lent we are often called to repentance because we feel lost and confused.  Let reminds us that by faith we can turn and choose “The Way”.

In 2021 it is especially important to identify the markers that show us the way of Jesus Christ.  During Lent Grace Avenue United Methodist Church will be studying several episodes in the life of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke. These stories remind us of the important spiritual disciplines that keep moving in the right direction.  Faith is a journey more than a destination, and Jesus Christ reveals “The Way”.

Feb. 21 | The Way of Christ is Tenacious | Luke 4:1-13
Feb. 28 | The Way of Christ is Hopeful | Luke 8:40-56   
March 7 | The Way of Christ is Merciful | Luke 10:25-37
March 14 | The Way of Christ is Faithful | Luke 13: 10-17
March 21 | The Way of Christ is Boundary-Breaking | Luke 14: 12-24
March 28 | The Way of Christ is Sacrificial | Luke 19:28–40

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