Grace Avenue Voter Engagement

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The Grace Avenue Voter Engagement Team is a group of individuals that do not share a single ideology, but do passionately believe that our democracy depends on every individual having a voice.  They also believe that your vote and your faith are not exclusive of one another and that we bring all of who we are and what we believe to the ballot box.

For more information about the team or how you can be a part of it, please contact Jesseca Aziz at [email protected].   

(Grace Avenue United Methodist Church is 501c3 non-partisan organization and as such does not take a stance on a particular platform or candidate. Voter education is an important part of our mission to eradicate homelessness in whatever form it presents itself.)

The Grace Avenue Voter Engagement Team has put together this Step-By-Step guide to help you with the process of voting from registration to Election Day in Texas.  You may be eligible for special accommodations like absentee voting or curbside voting.  Read through the steps and follow the links to get informed now so that you don't miss a deadline.  Your voice is important!

Step 1:  Register to Vote

You will need to register and confirm that you information is accurate.  
Registration Deadline is October 5, 2020.

Register to Vote

  • This site allows a person to confirm, update & register to vote.
  • fill out the form online, submit it, it will then be mailed to the applicant for a signature along with a stamped envelope addressed to the elections office. No need for a printer or stamp.

Step 2:  Pledge to vote

As people of faith, Grace Avenue is encouraging everyone to pledge to use their voice to cast their vote.  Join with your Grace Avenue family and make your pledge today!

Grace Avenue Pledge to Vote

Step 3:  Make a plan to vote (and then vote!)

Election Day is November 3rd, but there are different ways and times to vote.  You may be eligible for Absentee (Mail) Voting, curb-side voting, or early voting.  Look at your options and make a plan!

Absentee (Mail) Voting
Find out if you are eligible and get information HERE
Get an application HERE.

Important Dates for Absentee/Mail-in Voting
-Mail Application by September 21st as recommended by US Post Office
-A county must RECEIVE (not postmarked) your application by October 23rd.
-Mail your BALLOT to elections office no later than October 27th
     (You also can take your absentee/mail-in ballot to the early voting clerk of your county in-person with valid voter ID. )

Early Voting
Early voting takes place from October 13-October 30, 2020.  Follow the links to find a location and any other information you might need. 

Collin County Early Voting Info
Denton County Early Voting Info

Curbside Voting
If you have difficulties walking or standing, you may be eligible for curbside voting.  

Collin County Curbside Voting Info
Denton County Curbside Voting Info

November 3rd Election Day In-Person Voting
You can always vote at the polls on Election Day! Follow the links to find a voting location and be prepared!

Collin County Election Day Voting Info
Denton County Election Day Voting Info