Grace Avenue Voter Engagement

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Grace Avenue believes that our democracy depends on every individual having a voice.  We believe that your vote and your faith are not exclusive of one another and that we bring all of who we are and what we believe to the ballot box.

(Grace Avenue United Methodist Church is 501c3 non-partisan organization and as such does not take a stance on a particular platform or candidate. Voter education is an important part of our mission to eradicate homelessness in whatever form it presents itself.)

dates to know: November 8: Election day

October 11: Last day you can register to vote in November 8, 2022 election
October 24 – November 4: Early voting |  November 8: Election day

Use this Step-By-Step guide to help you with the process of voting from registration to Election Day in Texas. Read through the steps and follow the links to get informed now so that you don't miss a deadline.  Your voice is important!

Step 1:  Register to Vote

You must register to vote in the county where you live.  
Registration deadline is October 11, 2022

Register to Vote

  • Go to the voter registration website. Fill out the voter registration form, print it and mail it or take it to your county election office. You can NOT just fill out the form online.
  • Or contact Carol Dirks 214-250-0252 and she can register you to vote.

Step 2:  Identify who will be on your ballot and who you want to vote for

Use this website,, to find out:

  • Who is going to be on your specific ballot based on your address.
  • Where the candidates stand on the issues.

Step 3:  Make a plan to vote (and then vote!)

Election Day is November 8, but there are different ways and times to vote.

  • Any eligible voter can vote on election day, November 8.
  • Any eligible voter can vote early to avoid lines on election day.
  • Some voters are eligible to vote absentee (mail-in). Since there are several steps and deadlines with this method, use it only if absolutely necessary.

Absentee (Mail-In) Voting

  1. Find out if you are eligible and get information
  2. Request an application for a ballot HERE.
    Your county election office must receive the application by Friday, October 28.
    The county election office then sends you a ballot by mail.
  3. Complete the ballot and mail or hand carry it to the county election office.
    Ballots received in the county election office by 7 p.m. on election day (November 8) are counted.

There are services available for voters with disabilities.

Early Voting
Early voting Monday, October 24 – Friday, November 4:

Collin County Early Voting Info
Denton County Early Voting Info

November 8th Election Day In-Person Voting
Polls are open 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Collin County Election Day Voting Info
Denton County Election Day Voting Info