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Frisco Helpers - Frisco Helpers Even during this difficult time of COVID, the Frisco Helpers (FH) Ministry continued to provide household repair, maintenance, and safety services to the seniors and special-needs residents of Frisco. They placed a heavy focus on safety aids—grab bars… Read More
Joyfully Connected Through Mission - Grace Avenue has continued to stay joyfully connected throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Service and Mission has been a key part of that connection. If you are looking for ways that you can engage with serving our community, please reach out… Read More
Mayfield Family – Joyfully Connected - Harper's grandparents live out in the country so we visit often bringing them produce and sweet treats. We walk around their flower gardens and look for bugs, we bird watch, plant seeds and give great "air hugs". Our visits have… Read More
Perry Family – Joyfully Connected - During this crazy quarantine, we hope we've spread joy by creating inspirational chalk messages on our sidewalk, joining several birthday parades, and creating a stained glass window for our neighborhood. We wanted to provide a visual reminder of hope and… Read More
Kaiser Family – Joyfully Connected - As soon as the quarantine began, our family started looking for ways to help. I pulled my sewing machine out of the attic and went to work making reusable masks for people in the community. So far, I’ve made over… Read More
Helping Neighbors – Joyfully Connected - Socially Distanced…Joyfully Connected! Thank you to everyone who donated groceries for our local community! You made it possible for us to deliver food and notes of encouragement to 17 homes that are experiencing food insecurity in the midst of our… Read More
The Bladon Family – Joyfully Connected - “At the beginning of Covid quarantine, an elderly couple had reached out to the church for some help with their huge yard, overgrown weeds, and a broken gate. We were happy to go, especially since our calendars were empty! Wanda… Read More
Donielle Mayes - "Grace Avenue opened up doors to question and learn without judgement. In fact, I found that questions were not only okay, but welcomed." When my family and I first came to Grace Avenue in 2009 we were not looking for… Read More
David Jones - " I was a bit apprehensive because it seemed like a large church and I was worried we would be caught in the shuffle." I grew up in a very close-knit and small Presbyterian congregation where I was baptized, confirmed,… Read More
Lori Morrison - "I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is there!" Grace Avenue is our second family! We love this church and the staff so much and we truly feel like they are family! When we walk… Read More
Josh Norris - "The members of the church and the connection to the community is what keeps me here. I had some bad experiences as a kid and that is what made it hard for me to start coming on a regular basis."… Read More
Lisa Ciatti - "And slowly, I become anxious – something I’ve never before experienced. After a couple of weeks, I decide that I need to get a grip and so I head to the doctor." It’s February of 2013. My husband, Brent, has… Read More
Cindy Badon - "Reagan wasn’t a burden or a disruption at Grace Avenue. He was a child of God with potential and gifts to share." We felt drawn to Grace Avenue even while planning our move to Frisco. We would often refer to… Read More
Rebekah Mayes - "I'm literally always here. If you don't know where to find me, I'm probably at church." I came here through VBC the summer after my 1st grade year, and I remember feeling kind of intimidated when I first walked in.… Read More
Natalie Robertson - "It was both humbling and comforting to know that our church family cared and were praying for me and the babies. I felt so much peace during that scary and uncertain time." Chris and I moved to Frisco in 2010… Read More
Stacey Jacobs - "That year was an amazing time of spiritual growth for me." I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Grace Avenue several years ago through one of the Children’s Summer camps. My son’s friend was not able to go to… Read More
cheri Cheri Clark - "The unconditional acceptance and encouragement at Grace Avenue has opened me up to be who I am." When I first moved to Frisco in 2007, I transferred my husband, Dale, from a Garland nursing home to Prairie Estates, which was… Read More
Cheryl Cole - "We were so mad. Mad at God. Mad at life. Mad at the situation. And worst of all – we were alone." What brought you to Grace Avenue? My Grace Avenue Story starts in May of 2015. It was at… Read More
Grace Avenue Prayer Shawl Ministry - Prayer Shawls are handmade shawls that are created with intentional prayer for the recipients throughout the process and given a final blessing upon completion. Grace Avenue’s Prayer Shawl Ministry is growing and thriving and it all began by two women… Read More
Erin Bladon - "I think we are done looking. We found our church." My family and I have been attending Grace Avenue United Methodist since December of 2011. We moved from the Memphis area in August of 2011 with 3 boys -ages 4,… Read More