Worship Schedule

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Regular Sunday Worship Schedule

Current Worship Schedule:

Nursery (Infant-PreK), Elementary Sunday School (k-5th grade), Youth Sunday School (6th-12th grade), and Adult Sunday School/Studies are available during our 9:15 & 10:30 Services.  

In Person Sanctuary Worship 
SANCTUARY SERVICES:  9:15 & 10:30 am
Both services will be led by the Sanctuary worship team with the adult choir featured at the 10:30 am service. 

In Person Modern Worship
A Different Door is a unique worship opportunity led by the Modern Team.  There will be music, prayer, and other elements of worship. We will be also inviting different voices and perspectives to share in conversation about our faith and our world.  Watch for more details. 

This is the regular Modern Worship service.

On-line Services
SANCTUARY SERVICES:  9:15 & 10:30 am
9:15 am is a recorded online only service. 
10:30 am is streamed live from the Sanctuary. 

MODERN:   10:30 am
Both 9:15 & 10:30 am will be live streamed from the Worship Center.

Live Streaming Details

The Sacrament of Holy Communion
Holy Communion will be celebrated in ALL services on first Sunday of month.

Holy Communion will be celebrated weekly at 9:00 am in the Sanctuary on 2nd - 5th Sundays before 9:15 services.

Recorded Worship Services
There will be a recorded Sanctuary and Modern Worship Serviced available to watch online after Sunday.  

Watch Recorded Services on YouTube

Covid-19 Protocols
We are glad to be able to welcome everyone back to our campus.  We do ask that if you are experiencing symptoms of any kind of illness that you love your neighbor by staying home until you are symptom-free.  You can find links to our online worship services HERE

If you have any questions, please email communications@graceavenue.org