At Grace Avenue, 4G Faith is how we live into what it means to be a member of this church and a faithful participant in the Reign of God.
Gather, Grow, Go and Give. These are the expectations of 4G Faith.

If you are interested in hearing more from our Preaching Team about 4G Faith at Grace Avenue, CLICK HERE to see our Sermon Series called “Living a 4G Life.”

4G Introduction


Participate weekly in the public worship of God.

At Grace Avenue, we offer multiple worship services of varying styles every weekend, as well as other special worship opportunities throughout the year. There is a time and a style to fit your preferences and needs.

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Participate in an on-going small group and one or more bible studies each year.

Grace Avenue offers so many opportunities to expand your learning and understanding of your faith. Classes are offered on Sunday mornings as well as throughout the week. There are long and short-term studies of varying topics. Groups are sometimes specialized for special interests (Moms, young adults, senior adults etc) or they can be general and open to anyone. There are new classes starting throughout the year.

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Participate in one or more hands-on mission and form of service each year.

Grace Avenue encourages everyone to “Go” by activley serving others either inside or outside of the church. This can be through a hands-on mission trip to help re-build after a natural disaster, working with a local nursing home or serving within the church through music, teaching, ushering or greeting on Sunday morning. The opportunities are varied and abundant.

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Designate a portion of your income to the work of God through the church moving toward 10% and beyond.

Christian Stewardship is grateful and responsible use of God’s gifts in the light of God’s purpose as revealed in Jesus Christ. As part of our 4G Faith, this includes our financial gifts. The church can not exist without the generous financial support our members, but more importantly giving as a response to our gratitude to God is an act of worship that is a central part of our Christian journey.

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