Welcome with Grace

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Current Needs:
-Purchase items for Target Gift Registry HERE.

-Make monetary donations (or gift cards)

-Accepting the following donations (pending approval for quality assurance): 4 Table Lamps, 4 Kitchen Table Chairs, 2 Bedside Tables, 2 small chest of drawers, Queen Bedframe, 1 Dresser, Queen Headboard, Twin Headboard

Contact Jeri Muller at jmuller97@gmail.com with questions.

Welcome with Grace Program

The Vision of the WELCOME WITH GRACE program:
As part of Grace Avenue’s mission to eradicate homelessness in whatever form it presents itself, the Welcome with Grace Team seeks to partner with Refugee Services of North (RST) as an official “Welcome Team” for their refugee resettlement program. 

Contact Jeri Muller at jmuller97@gmail.com with questions about this program.  

What is Refugee Services of  Texas?
- Founded in 1978, RST is a social-service agency dedicated to providing assistance to refugees and other displaced persons fleeing persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group, as well as to the communities that welcome them

 - Our local chapter is currently working with Afghan resettlement but has worked and will continue to work with displaced people from other parts of the world fleeing a variety of situations

 - Guided by the principles of human compassion and dignity, RST welcomes refugees, immigrants, and other displaced peoples and supports them in integrating and thriving in their new communities. 

What will the WELCOME WITH GRACE team do? 
Our team will fully furnish apartments that RST has leased for families arriving in our community.  This will include all of the items needed to create a home, including but not limited to:  furniture, lamps, wall art, rugs, linens, kitchen items, toiletries, clothing and groceries.   

How can you help?  
We need donations of time, money, and items.  
Contact Jeri Muller at jmuller97@gmail.com for details.